The H8 DepilConcept Diode Laser is based on a unique technology in the market that ensures effectiveness and comfort in the same treatment. This technology indicated for the effective and permanent removal of the hair in different skin phototypes, allow greater penetration of direct monochromatic light, making the treatment safer and preventing blemishes on the epidermis.

DepilConcept Laser Diode technology incorporates a cooling system that protects the epidermis during the treatment, at the same time the light emitted ensures very effective results through the thermal destruction of the hair structures.

Although it is not possible to estimate an exact number of sessions for the complete treatment, because of the body area, quantity, color and density of the hair we have, an average of 5 to 7 sessions is usually required to remove about 90% of the hair, although, from the first day, it can achieve surprising results.