The skin reflects the inner and outer well-being of each person.

That’s why at DepilConcept we provide the appropriate procedures for the treatment of your skin and for each of your specific goals.

With more than 10 years of experience in photoepilation and phototherapy, DepilConcept offers you complete hair removal solutions and skin treatments, which are personalized and affordable to all.


In 2005 we decided to create in Portugal a new way of looking at health care and beauty, bringing to an underdeveloped and not much accessible market area a new concept of quality esthetics and phototherapy, with effective results and to which most clients could have access to.

DepilConcept is born with the goal of making permanent hair removal / photoepilation and phototherapies accessible to everyone, solving hair and skin problems using state-of-the-art technology and specialized professionals.

This new way of looking at beauty was a winning bet, as shown by the growth of the network of clinics, in a franchising system that counts with more than 35 units from north to south of Portugal.

We continue to grow with a solid international project and presence in several countries, such as Brazil and Poland. This growth is underpinned by the values and pillars of the brand and a focus on quality care, as proven by the more than 200,000 clients who visited our clinics in the last 10 years.

Technology and quality are our present and will also be our future, with the introduction of the new Laser Diode H8 technology, always considering the best service, customer satisfaction and the desire to take our clinics to more cities and people. We want to contribute to your well-being and renewed self-esteem, turning your day-to-day more pleasant and uncomplicated.


We will continue to provide the best and latest photoepilation and phototherapies treatments, to allow our customers to obtain good results, safely and with quality.


To allow our clients to find the personal well-being and satisfaction they have always desired, in a safe and effective way, associating the latest technology with specialized human resources. To ensure that we awake the best of each client, by working systematically for their well-being, improved self-image and health.


Customer and staff satisfaction


Innovative and high quality photoepilation and phototherapy treatments and services, suitable for a wide variety of skin types, as well as body and facial needs.


Combining the latest technology with specialized and trained professionals to analyze each case in a unique way, advising the most suitable and customized solution.


We believe that well-being, health and beauty are inherently connected, contributing to the improvement of self-esteem and life quality of our clients.


The DEPILCONCEPT GUARANTEE CERTIFICATE was developed with the objective of guaranteeing the maximum quality of the available services at DepilConcept. This certificate ensures that, in exceptional cases, where the obtained results fall short of the desired results, as a consequence of external factors to the brand or to the process of treatments, clients may have access to additional treatments for a symbolic value.

This additional client safety document ensures the maximum transparency throughout the interaction process between customers and the brand, and is a complementary step to ensure that we always focus on providing services with the highest quality and efficiency.

To learn more, visit your DepilConcept clinic.